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     This is the Eagle Tree Systems Vector Flight Controller and OSD         
                    with XT60 Connectors on the Current Sensor.                    
    FEATURES: Simple to set up and operate, no PC required                         
              Compatible with traditional fixed wing, elevon and V-tail planes,    
                tricopters, quadcopters and hexacopters                            
              Compatible PCM, SPPM and S.Bus receiver support with four types of   
              Expandable with additional sensors, accessories and internet firmware
              Full color on-screen display,if camera fails in flight OSD           
                continues to operate in "no camera mode"                           
              Built-in Flight Data Recorder, altimeter, IMU and magnetic compass   
              Current Sensor supports up to 6S LiPo packs, power supply provides   
                12 and 5V output at 1.5A max per channel-ideal for powering most   
                FPV gear, and also power receivers on multirotors with "opto" ESCs 
                eliminating the need for an external BEC                           
              Flight Controller fully integrated with OSD allowing full adjustment 
                via the on-screen menus                                            
                GPS control modes include Return to Home, Geofence, Loiter,        
                Cartesian and Polar                                                
              Radio Control Interface supports three types of RC inputs;           
                Standard/PCM, SPPM and S-Bus                                       
                Flight modes accessed via a 2 or 3 position mode switch on radio   
                Submode switch can be configured to allow more modes to be         
                 selected during flight                                            
              Embeds real-time telemetry in video signal for use with the          
                EagleEyes ground station                                           
              PC Setup Software allows user to configure Vector through PC or      
    INCLUDES: Vector Flight Controller and OSD with XT60 Connectors on Current     
    SPECS:    Video Formats: Composite NTSC and PAL (autodetect)                   
              Dimensions; (L W H, approximate)                                     
                Controller: 2.5 x 1.3 x 0.55" (65 x 33 x 14mm)                     
                GPS/Mag: 1.4 x 0.94 x 0.59" (35 x 24 x 15mm)                       
                Current Sensor/PSU with XT60 Connector: 1.6 x 0.75 x 0.71"         
                 (42 x 19 x 18mm)                                                  
                Controller: 0.74oz (21g)                                           
                GPS/Mag: 0.46oz (13g)                                              
                Current Sensor/PSU: 0.53oz (15g)                                   
              Current Sensor/PSU;                                                  
                Peak Measured Current: 140 amps                                    
                Max Pack Voltage: 6S/25.2V                                         
                Maximum 12V PSU Current: 1A                                        
                Maximum 5V PSU Current: 1A                                         
    COMMENTS: The Vector is not recommended for large or heavy airframes due to no 
                or limited tesing on these types of models at this time. Examples  
                include giant scale fixed wing models, turbines, or multirotors    
                larger than 650mm.                                       


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