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       This is the Top Flite Trim Seal Tool with flat and rounded detail shoes.    
         This is used to apply detail covering or stripes onto your airplane.      
    FEATURES: Great for hard to reach places using specially designed tips for     
                fillets, curves, and corners                                       
              High and Low settings let you choose the best temperature for your   
                covering material                                                  
              2-year warranty                                                      
    INCLUDES: One Trim Seal Tool w/six foot AC cord (US standard)                  
              One Rounded Shoe                                                     
              One Flat Shoe                                                        
              One Aluminum Stand                                                   
    SPECS:    Volts: 120                                                           
              Watts: 12                                                            
    COMMENTS: For replacement shoes, use TOPR2300. The COVR2751 shoes will work    
                with this trim tool also.                                          
                                                                         js 8-31-95
    BOX DIMENSIONS:    2.50" W. X   1.60" H. X  12.00" L.
    BOX WEIGHT:     .38 LBS.


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