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    This is a pair of Team Durango 84mm Shock Springs with Red Compression Rating  
    FEATURES: Standard on the Team Durango DEX8T                                   
              Optional springs for the Team Durango DESC10, DEX8 and DNX8 vehicles 
                and the Senton 6S, Typhon 6S, Talion 6S and Kraton 6S              
              Steel construction with polished natural finish                      
              Small section of red tubing to indicate compression rate             
    INCLUDES: Two Team Durango 84mm Shock Springs                                  
    SPECS:    Length: 3.3" (84mm)                                                  
              Compression Rate: 66gf/mm                                            
                                                                       jxs 04/30/15
    BOX DIMENSIONS:    3.00" W. X   1.13" H. X   3.88" L.
    BOX WEIGHT:     .05 LBS.


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