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    This device allows you to install your radio's ON/OFF switch and charge jack   
    in one location, using a single mount to keep your plane looking tidy.         
    For added convenience, you just loosen one screw to remove the charge plug!    
    FEATURES: Snap-lock charge jack door keeps fuel out                            
              Easy, single-screw plug lock                                         
              Fits all radio systems and accepts any radio switch (not included)   
    INCLUDES: One Switch/Charging Jack Mounting Set.                               
    REQUIRES: A switch harness that has a charge jack                              
    COMMENTS: This mount will extend 43mm into the fuselage, is approx 10mm tall   
                and 38mm wide.                                                     
              A rectangular hole (32mm x 6mm) needs to be cut in the side of the   


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