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        This is the Gold Edition Version of the Mark 9 Spitfire from Top Flite.    
              The Mark 9 is Probably the Best Known Model of the "Spit".           
    FEATURES: State of the art CAD design ensures straight and true assembly       
              Authentic tailwheel location                                         
              Ribbed control surfaces (looks real when they are covered)           
              Optional retract landing gear, cockpit kit, in-cowl muffer, and      
                split flaps add to the realism                                     
              4-6 channel operation (throttle, elevator, rudder, ailerons (two     
                servos), optional flaps (two servos) and optional retracts         
              Selig 8036 and 8037 airfoils                                         
    INCLUDES: Die-cut wood pieces                                                  
              Vacu-formed plastic pieces (wing fairings, canopy, cowling,blisters  
              Detailed rolled plans/instruction booklet                            
              Engine mount (adjustable)                                            
              3/16" wire landing gear (for fixed gear option)                      
              Preshaped leading edges                                              
              Many preshaped wood blocks                                           
    REQUIRES: 4-6 Channel Radio w/5-7 Servos                                       
              1-Y-Harness for ailerons                                             
              1-Servo Extension for Ailerons                                       
              .61-.75 2-stroke or .70-.91 4-stroke engine                          
              Propeller: Depending on engine selected. Four blade prop should only 
                be used for static display                                         
              2-3.5" Main Wheels                                                   
              1-1.25" Tailwheel                                                    
              Exhaust header                                                       
              2-wheel collars 3/32", 12oz fuel tank, fuel filler valve,            
                24" medium fuel tubing, ¼" foam rubber, pilot figure, exhaust      
                deflector, prop                                                    
              3.5" spinner, the manual recommends a "Spitfire" type spinner for a  
                more scale appearance. This spinner is no longer available from    
                Top Flite. Any 3.5" diameter spinner can be used.                  
              3 plus Rolls Covering with matching Paint                            
              Building and Finishing Tools                                         
    SPECS:    Length:       53"                Thrust angle: 0° down 3° right      
              Wingspan:     63"                Incidence: wing +2° stab +2°        
              Wing area:    687 sq in          Scale: 1/7                          
              Wing loading: 25-28.5oz/sq in                                        
              Weight:       7.5-8.5lbs                                             
              Center of Gravity: 4-1/8" from the leading edge of the wing          
              Control Throws:     hi rate              low rate                    
                Elevator:        5/8" each way        ½" each way                  
                Rudder:        1-1/8" each          7/8" each way                  
                Ailerons:          ¾" up 5/8" down    ½"up 3/8" down               
    COMMENTS: Per Robart, the bushings belong in the housing where the air cylinder
                was placed. They say it offsets a tendency of "binding" the gear   
              There is a gentleman now making longer struts for this kit which will
                work with a 4" wheel, for a more scale appearance.                 
              For information contact him at:                                      
               Lite-Flyte Products                                                 
               Ray Lightfoot                                                       
              Decal sheet SPF6D01 sold only through GP Manufacturing includes:     
                Two 7" Red & Blue roundels                                         
                Two 4" Red, White & Blue roundels                                  
                Two 4-5/8" Red, Blue & Yellow roundels                             
                Two 1-5/8" Red, White & Blue roundels                              
                Two each 2½" x 1¾" White L, D, U                                   
                Two 3-1/8" x 3¼" Red, White & Blue stripes                         
                3-5/8" x 2-3/8" ownership tag                                      


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