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       This is the Futaba R617FS 2.4GHz FASST 7-Channel                 
                     Park Flyer to Giant Scale Aircraft Receiver.                  
    FEATURES: High sensitivity receiver weighs only .25oz (7g) without case        
                yet is a full range system for all aircraft from giant scale to    
                park flyer applications-no need to buy separate receiver for       
                specific aircraft                                                  
              Simple one-touch linking - no plugs to mess with or lose             
              Dual Antenna Diversity allows 2.4GHz FASST Futaba transmitter to     
                select the best reception between the two receiver antennas with no
                signal loss                                                        
              Rubber grommets installed where antennas exit to eliminate stress    
                and fraying of the two antenna wires                               
              One year limited warranty                                            
    INCLUDES: Futaba R617FS 2.4GHz FASST 7-Channel Receiver                        
    SPECS:    Size: 1.6 x 1.1 x .35" (40 x 27 x 9mm)                               
              Power Requirement: 4.8 - 6V                                          
              Current Drain: 80mA (at no signal), 74 mA(w/ signal no servos on 4.8)
              Weight: 0.34oz  (9.8g) with case, 0.25oz  (7g) without case          
              Antenna Length:5-1/2"                                             


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