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      This is the PJT Series 23x8 Carbon Fiber Propeller from Xoar International.  
    FEATURES: Constructed of Laminated Epoxy resin over a carbon fiber             
                skeleton and finished with Standard 3K Carbon Fiber Fabric.        
              One of the lightest performance props on the market                  
              Balanced during every stage of production                            
              Visually examined to ensure trailing edge symmetry                   
              High Strength-to-Weight Ratio                                        
    REQUIRES: Balancing before use, see COMMENTS                                   
    INCLUDES: Xoar International 23x8 Propeller                                    
    SPECS:    Diameter: 23"                                                        
              Pitch: 8"                                                            
              Hole Diameter: 0.398" (10mm)                                         
              Weight: 5.5oz (155g)                                                 
    COMMENTS: Final balance check is suggested before flight due to external       
                factors such as temperature. Handling during transit may vary the  
                balance of the propeller.                                          


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