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    Key Features

    • High gain LHCP (Left Hand Circularly Polarized)direction antenna
    • Designed for long range wandering and low altitude flights
    • Does not require diversity and can even work when the model is behind you
    • Vertical coverage is limited to about 55 degrees
    • Great to pair with the Duraspec or the Airscrew/Airblade
    • Gain: 13dbic
    • Axial ratio: 1.0
    • Beam width: 160 degrees
    • Beam height: 60 degrees
    • Dimensions: 4 inch x 2 inch x 3 inch

    Video Overview


    Designed specifically for the long range wanderer, the Pepperbox offers both high gain (13dbic) as well as wide beam width (160 degrees!). No antenna tracker is necessary for this antenna. Just aim in the general direction you intend to fly and go without worrying about aiming the antenna! Vertical coverage on this antenna is somewhat limited (only 60 degrees) so it is not suitable for high altitude runs. Available in RHCP (Blue) and LHCP (Green).



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