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    Stable, High-Quality and Affordable Power Supply Unit from Power Focusing

    The PC1200 SMPS with its 1200W max.output capacity and variable 10-30V and 0.5-50A current capability puts it ahead of all power supplies, unlike other power supplies offering a fixed voltage/current and often incapable to deliver the extra punch required to charge large capacity batteries. The PC1200 features a convenient 2 Line, 16 character backlit LCD display for user selectable voltage/current through simple intuitive interface similar to conventional Lipo chargers, making it user friendly and easy to use. Wide AC input voltage and a stable output with variable control authority makes it perfect for use with chargers requiring high current and power. This SMPS is a heavy duty power horse designed to meet the ever demanding craving of high power battery users.

    The PC1200 switching power supply (switching-mode power supply or SMPS) is an electronic power supply that uses a switching regulator in order to control the conversion of electrical power in a highly efficient manner. This higher efficiency (thus lower heat dissipation) is the chief advantage of a switched-mode power supply. In short, switching regulators are used as replacements for the linear regulators when higher efficiency, smaller size or lighter weight is required.

    The PC1200 SMPS can be used as a regular power source for use with DC operated Lithium Polymer battery Chargers such as the Hyperion EOS 720Series and EOS840i 1000W charger's. Comes with a XT90 Female & Standard 4mm female bullet connectors for DC output ports and different power cord plugs, choose the one that suits you.

    • 1200W Max.Output with stable user selectable output
    • Variable 0~30V and 0.5~50Amp, selectable settings
    • Highly efficient with low heat dissipation
    • Easy to use intuitive interface similar to conventional Lipo chargers
    • XT90 & Standard 4mm female bullet connectors for DC output ports
    • 2 Line, 16 character backlit LCD
    Included with the package:
    • PC1200 1200Watt DC switching Power Supply x 1
    • US Power Cord x 1
    • XT90 male with lead x 1

    • Input Voltage: 100-265V
    • Max. Power Output: 1200W
    • Output Voltage: 10-30V
    • Output Current: 0.5-50A
    • Input frequency: 47/63HZ
    • Power Factor: >0.9
    • Full load output ripple Voltage: 100mV peak-peak
    • Voltage Regulation: <0.1%
    • Load Regulation: <0.8%
    • Product Dimension: 290x140x69mm
    • Display Type: 2 Line, 16 character backlit LCD
    • Weight: 2430g


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