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     This is the radio controlled, brushless electric powered, Tx-R         
                     Micro F-86 Sabre EDF Jet from Great Planes.                   
         This is the Tx-R (Transmitter Ready) version that includes servos,        
                            an ESC and SLT receiver.                               
                May be flown with any compatible transmitter with the              
        SLT (Secure Link Technology) system such as the Tactic TTX404, TACJ2404.   
    FEATURES: Construction: Foam with molded-in panel lines, hatch lines, and      
                machine gun ports for realistic appearance                         
              Wing: One-piece                                                      
              Canopy: Lifts off for easy battery access, attaches magnetically     
              Servos: Three digital ultra-micro                                    
              Receiver: Tactic 2.4GHz SLT receiver                                 
              Motor: Ammo 11,500kV brushless inrunner with 30mm HyperFlow ducted   
                fan unit with ducting that runs the length of the aircraft         
              Electronic Speed Control: 6A brushless                               
              LiPo Battery: 2S 250mAh 7.4V 20C                                     
              Battery Charger: DC powered, 12V Car adapter, LiPo compatible,       
                balance capable                                                    
              Landing Gear: Removable for hand launching and grass landings 0.59"  
                (15mm) diameter foam wheels                                        
    INCLUDES: Micro F-86 Sabre EDF Jet with LiPo Battery, Charger, 2.4GHz 4-ch SLT 
                Micro Receiver, Motor, ESC, Servos, and Instruction Manual         
    REQUIRES: Compatible SLT transmitter with at least 4 channels                  
    SPECS:    Wingspan: 15" (381mm)                                                
              Wing Area: 53.1 sq in (3.4 sq dm)                                    
              Weight: 2.35oz (67g)                                                 
              Wing Loading: 6.4 oz/sq ft (20 g/sq dm)                              
              Length: 14.4" (366mm)                                                
              Center of Gravity (CG): 2-3/4" (70mm) from the leading edge of the   
                wing looking downward from the fuselage                            
              Control Throws:                                                      
                Elevator-Up/Down,  1/4" (6mm)                                      
                Ailerons-Up/Down,  3/16" (5mm)                                     
                Rudder-Left/Right, 5/16" (8mm)      


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