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    Losi 5x10mm Shielded Ball Bearing(2): 8X, 8XE LOSA6937 is compatible with LOS03002, LOS03003, LOS03004, LOS03008T1, LOS03008T2, LOS03009T1, LOS03009T2, LOS03013T1, LOS03013T2, LOS03015T1, LOS03015T2, LOS03016, LOS03017T1, LOS03017T2, LOS03020T1, LOS03020T2, LOS03022T1, LOS03022T2, LOS03025, LOS03026, LOS04000, LOS04001, LOS04002, LOS04004, LOS04010, LOS04011, LOSA0051, LOSB0010, LOSB0012, LOSB0012LE, LOSB0015, LOSB0016, LOSB0018, LOSB0020, LOSB0104, LOSB0104BD, LOSB0104T1, LOSB0104T2, LOSB0115, LOSB0122, LOSB0123, TLR0022, TLR0023, TLR03001, TLR04000, TLR04003, TLR04004, TLR04007, TLR04008, TLR04010, TLR4401


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