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    1. 3.0 inch 400*240 resulution display.The charging state of each cell is clearly showing.
    2. AC/DC function.
    3. iM Operating Syestem
    4. USB output, used for charge iPad, iPhone and other smart phones.
    5. 94% efficiency makes the charger effective.
    Operating voltage range: AC 100-240V,DC 11-18V
    Charge power: AC Max 100Watts, DC Max 150 Watts
    Discharge power:Max 10Watts
    Charge current range:0.1-8.0A for AC, 0.1-12.0A for DC
    Discharge current range:0.1-3.0A
    Lilo/Lipo/Life battery count:1-6 cells
    NiCd/NiMH battery count:1-16 cells
    Pb battery voltage:2 to 24V
    USB charge:5V/2.1A



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