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    Voici un sac de Hyperion pour garder vos mains et votre télécommande à l'abri du froid. Il permet de faire du téléguidé l'hiver sans vous geler les doigts, c'est un nouveau produit en demande! Don’t freeze your fingers off when flying! The new Hyperion transmitter glove is a must have item for low temperature and winter flying season. The Hyperion transmitter glove is designed to fit almost all transmitter antenna styles, and allows for neck-straps too. Made with a heavyweight nylon/polyester material, durable transparent cover that wont get brittle in near freezing temperatures and inside padded cotton/nylon material to insulate and protect against rain, sleet or snow. You now have one less reason to avoid going outside to enjoy your model aircraft during the winter. Specification: •Max Transmitter Size: 270 x 270mm


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