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    This is a Hitec Super Torque, Metal Gear, that will work with         
                 Futaba J, Hitec S, JR, and Airtronics-Z radio systems.            
    FEATURES: EPA, Speed, Direction, and Fail-Safe Programmable (see COMMENTS).    
              MOSFET amplifier.                                                    
              Gold plated contacts.                                                
              Three metal gears                                                    
              Dual ball bearings.                                                  
              Indirect drive long life potentiometer.                              
              High standing torque.                                                
              Watertight and dustproof.                                            
              Includes blue aluminum, heat-treated servo arm (see COMMENTS).       
              Works with fixed wing aircraft and helicopters up to 40 pounds,      
                1/10th and 1/8th on- or off-road vehicles.                         
    INCLUDES: One digital high torque servo with 12" wire and S/JR/Air-Z connector 
              One white small X-shaped servo horn.                                 
              One red Large X-shaped servo horn.                                   
              One white adjustable servo horn.                                     
              One white offset straight servo horn.                                
              One white disc servo horn.                                           
              One blue anodized, heat treated servo arm horn.                      
              Four 2 x 14mm mounting screws                                        
              Four brass eyelets                                                   
              Four black rubber vibration isolators.                               
    REQUIRES: Futaba J Hitec, JR, or Airtronics-Z radio system                     
    SPECS:    Speed: 0.23 sec/60° at 4.8V                                          
              Speed: 0.18 sec/60° at 6.0V                                          
              Torque: 143.03 oz-in at 4.8V                                         
              Torque: 164.2 oz-in at 6V                                            
              Length:  1.59" (40.6mm)                                              
              Width:   0.77" (19.8mm)                                              
              Height:  1.48" (37.8mm)                                              
              Weight:  2.11oz (60g)                                                
    COMMENTS: Programming the Fail-Safe:                                           
                In order to program the Fail-Safe on this servo. Modeler will need 
                to purchase the Hitec Field Programmer.                            
              The metal servo horn will fit any Hitec servos that have a "+"       
                stamped on top of the output shaft.        


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