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    La nouvelle mini caméra HD RunCam 2 HD est conçue pour les drones de courses FPV, les ailes volantes FPV ou tout simplement ceux qui veulent capturer le moment. La vidéo est en haute résolution et les images à 1080P @ 60fps ou 720P @ 120fps. La couleur et la clarté de l'image est absolument à couper le souffle. Les composants de l'appareil sont construits avec des matériaux pour réduire l'interférence et maximiser la performance vidéo de la caméra FPV. Elle est ultra légère et construite solidement. Elle à la connection WiFi pour votre téléphone intelligent de sorte que vous pouvez ajuster le réglage de la caméra et télécharger votre vidéos directement sur votre téléphone pendant que vous êtes sur le terrain. Le délai de latence est de 60ms en 1080p ou 40ms 720p.

    The RunCam 2 HD camera is designed for FPV Racers, FPV Wings, or just anyone looking to capture the moment. This mini HD camera provides high resolution video and images at 1080P @60fps or 720P @120fps. The color and clarity of the image is absolutely breathtaking, giving you the best picture possible in a small HD camera form factor. The camera's components are built with RF Shielding materials to help reduce RF noise maximizing your camera FPV feed. Ultra lightweight, and built tough. Featuring WiFi for your smart phone so you can adjust the camera's setting, and download your flight videos straight to your phone while at the field. The live AV out video feed has extremely low-latency meaning that direct FPV video without the need of secondary Analog FPV camera is needed. The RunCam2 had just 60ms latency while recording in 1080p, or 40ms latency while recording in 720p.




    • HD Recording: 1080p 60fps, 720p 120fps
    • Low Latency Video Out (1080p @ 60ms, 720p @ 40ms)
    • WiFi support for iOS and Android Apps
    • USB Power Port (5-17V, 2~4S Battery)
    • Removable Battery (35g without Battery, 49g with Battery)
    • Built for FPV (Removable Lens Hood, Multi-functional Bracket, RF Shielding)
    • Keeps an Awesome Appearance (GE PC/ABS blend thermoplastic, Matte surface, Wear-proof UV coating)


    • Field of View: FOV 120°
    • Sensor Resolution: 4 megapixels
    • Video Resolution: 1440p@30fps / 1080p@60fps / 720p@120fps
    • Video Files: .MOV
    • TV Output: NTSC / PAL
    • Interface: Micro USB
    • Max Micro SD Card Supported: 64G(need class 6 or above)
    • Image Flip(Manual/Auto): 180° Rotation
    • Dimension 66mm(L) * 38mm(W) * 21mm(H)
    • Battery Capacity: 850 mAh
    • USB Power Input: DC 5V-17V
    • Working Current: < 600 mAh
    • Net Weight: 49g(with battery) / 35g(without battery)


    • RunCam 2 HD Camera
    • Battery
    • Tether
    • TV-out power cable
    • Servo to RCA adapter cable
    • Velcro Ties
    • USB cable
    • 1/4inch Tripod adapter
    • Camera Mount
    • Manual

    WiFi App Download Links

    • Download the iOS Wifi APP for video playback on your phone here.
    • Download the Android Wifi APP for video playback on your phone?here.


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