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    Product Description

    The FrSky Delta 8 receiver is a multi-brand 2.4GHz receiver that is compatible with FrSky D8/V8, Futaba S-FHSS/FHSS and Hitec A-FHSS.

    It also features CPPM and RSSI outputs.

    Following System

    • FrSky V8
    • FrSky V8
    • Futaba S-FHSS
      Futaba FHSS
      Hitec 2.4GHz A-FHSS
    • Plus you can put the receiver into PPM and RSSI output mode for Flybarless Helicopters Multi-copter and FPV users.
    • When binding the Delta 8 will search and find which system is active and then bind to that transmitter - all automatically.
      Alternatively you can use a set of jumpers to force the receiver to only look for a particular brand.


    • Operating voltage: 3.0~16V (HV Version)
    • Number of channels: 8
    • Dimensions: 49 x 24.5 x 15 mm
    • Weight: 9.3g


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