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             This Device is used with your Fuel Can with Pump System.              
      It has Twin Filters to Help Remove Any Particles that May Damage An Engine.  
                All Components for Converting the Can Are Included.                
    FEATURES: Simple Conversion to Allow for "lid on" Operation of fuel pumps with 
                Fuel Containers.                                                   
    INCLUDES: One Filtered Fuel Pickup (GPMP4156)                                  
              One Inlet Fitting w/Nut                                              
              One Return Fitting w/Nut                                             
              One Filtered Fuel Probe (GPMP4157)                                   
    COMMENTS: Use only glow fuel with this device. Will require drilling fuel can  
                lid 1/4" for installing the fittings. Will also require some medium
                fuel tubing.           


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