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    Stampede 4X4 VXL - Now with Self-Righting!
    1/10 Scale Brushless High-Performance Monster Truck
    with Traxxas Stability Management®!
    67086-3 Stampede 4X4 VXL w/TSM 3qtr Front Low Black

    Powered By Passion

    The Stampede 4X4 VXL is engineered like no other to turn extreme power into extreme monster truck fun! Traxxas Stability Management® (TSM) lets you experience Stampede’s extreme power, speed, and acceleration by making it much easier to control on slippery surfaces such as loose dirt, smooth concrete, and even ice and snow. The efficient, low-mass drivetrain is totally optimized for the brutal torque of Velineon brushless power, and following the legacy of the Stampede name, this 4X4 is overbuilt and Traxxas Tough to withstand all the 4-wheel drive monster mayhem you can dish out. The patented adjustable wheelie bar is required equipment as Stampede 4X4 launches hard, sending the front wheels soaring for the sky. You're in full control with the Traxxas TQi 2.4GHz radio system and the superior handling of fully independent suspension and smooth bellcrank steering. Choose a 7-cell NiMH battery (sold separately) for 35+mph speed or install a 3S LiPo pack, and Stampede 4X4 shatters the speedometer with 60+mph speed! It's brushless done the Traxxas way: brutally fast and easy to use.
    • Traxxas Stability Management® (TSM)
    • Chassis designed specifically for Stampede 4X4
    • Dual-bellcrank steering with integrated servo saver
    • Unique shock guards protect the suspension arms and shocks
    • New heavy-duty driveshafts
    • Velineon brushless power system
    • 4-position wheelie bar
    • Sealed, silicone-filled differentials
    • TQi 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver
    • Waterproof electronics
    • Digital high-torque steering waterproof servo
    • Rubber-sealed ball bearings


    Proven, Class-Leading, Velineon Brushless Power

    The Traxxas Velineon Brushless Power system defines a whole new generation of outrageous electric power. Pour in the voltage and out comes the speed in tidal waves of force harnessed by precise throttle control. The Velineon 3s components work together as an optimized package, from the patented Traxxas High-Current connector to the custom-wound motor. It delivers the ultimate in efficiency, speed, and run-time along with refined control. It's brushless performance the Traxxas way: wicked fast and easy to use. Just plug it in and it works, no special knowledge or programming skills required!

    67086-3 Stampede 4X4 VXL w/TSM Front Red

    • Traxxas Stability Management®
    • Exclusive Self-Righting feature (requires 3-cell LiPo battery)
    • Powered by the Velineon® Brushless Power System
    • Stampede 4X4 VXL reaches speeds in excess of 60+mph!*
    • Traxxas High-Current Connector (patented) allows high-capacity battery packs to deliver maximum voltage to the Velineon Brushless Power System
    • Exclusive waterproof electronics extend brushless power and performance to water, mud, and snow
    • Maxx® Cable 12-gauge wire
    • Velineon VXL-3s Electronic Speed Control
      • LiPo and NiMH compatible with two-stage low-voltage detection
      • Sport Mode – Forward / Brake / Reverse
      • Race Mode – Forward / Brake
      • Training Mode™ - 50% Forward / Brake / 50% Reverse (patented)
    • Velineon 3500 Brushless Motor
      • Consistent, high-power output, run after run
      • Low-maintenance, unique Traxxas design
      • Efficient, high-speed ball bearings
      • Precision-balanced rotor
    •  TQi 2.4GHz transmitter
      • Compatible with optional TQi Traxxas Link Wireless Module (#6511) to access full Traxxas Link app functionality
      • Automatically stores and loads settings for up to 30 Traxxas Link-enabled models—just switch on and drive, "model selection" is not required
      • Multi-Function knob
      • Adjustable steering and throttle percentage (dual rates)
      • Adjustable steering and throttle sensitivity (exponential)
      • Adjustable steering and throttle end points
      • High 13ms frame rate and near-zero latency for responsive control
      • TQi 2.4GHz 5-channel micro receiver (#6533) with Traxxas Stability Management
    • Heavy-duty 4 mm steel turnbuckles and captured rod ends
    • Single-screw motor access makes gear-mesh adjustments fast and easy and the motor can be removed in just seconds
    • Modular simplicity, fiber-composite monocoque chassis
    • Speed control and receiver are securely fastened to chassis
    • Digital high-torque Traxxas #2075 waterproof steering servo
    • Waterproof, o-ring sealed receiver box
    • Sealed, silicone-filled differentials
    • Torque-Control™ slipper clutch system
    • Fully adjustable oil-filled Ultra Shocks™ with X-ring technology
    • White powder coated shock springs feature a responsive spring rate
    • Telescoping universal-joint driveshafts
    • Rubber-sealed ball bearings
    • Black-chrome All-Star™ 2.8" wheels
    • Talon™ multi-terrain tires with high-performance foam inserts
    • ProGraphix® painted body
    • Full line of genuine Traxxas accessories available
    • Stampede 4X4 VXL is backed by unparalleled Traxxas support and parts availability

    Stampede 4X4 VXL (#6708) Extruded Aluminum Center Driveshaft

    MODEL 67086-4: Fully assembled, Ready-To-Race® with Traxxas Stability Management, TQi™ 2.4GHz radio system, Velineon® Brushless Power System, and ProGraphix® painted body.

    STAMPEDE 4X4 VXL (#67086-4) SPECS
    Length: ­ 19.69 inches (500 mm)
    Front Track: ­ 13.39 inches (340 mm)
    Rear Track: ­ 13.39 inches (340 mm)
     Center Ground Clearance: ­ 2.90 inches (74 mm)
    Weight: ­ 89.64 ounces (2.54 kg)
    Height (overall): ­ 9.21 inches (234 mm)
    Wheelbase: ­ 10.83 inches (275 mm)
    Shock Length: ­ Long (front), XXLong (rear)
    Tires: ­ Talon™ 2.8"
    Tire Diameter: ­ 4.80 inches (122 mm) (front and rear)
    Wheels (front/rear): ­ 2.8" Black-Chrome (All-Star™)
    Wheel Diameter: ­ 2.8 inches (72 mm) outer
    2.8 inches (72 mm) inner
    Speed Control Type: ­ VXL-3s™ Electronic Speed Control
    Motor (electric): ­ Velineon® 3500 brushless
    Overall Drive Ratio: ­ 13.97 (stock, out-of-box)
    Differential Type: ­ Hardened steel bevel, sealed, limited slip
    Gear Pitch: ­ 32
    Chassis Structure/Material: ­ Molded tub / Nylon composite
    Drive System: ­ Shaft-driven, direct drive 4WD
    Steering: ­ Dual-bellcrank with integrated servo saver
    Radio System: ­ TQi™ 2.4GHz (2-channel) with Traxxas Stability Management
    Body: ­ ProGraphix, Traxxas Stampede
    Top Speed: ­ 60+mph*
    Skill Level: ­ 1
    **Battery Tray Dimensions: ­ 142 mm x 48.5 mm x 23 mm, 25 mm
    Included Accessories: ­ Precision tool set
    Required Items: ­ NiMH, or LiPo battery, charger, and 4 "AA" batteries (for transmitter)
    Speed: 30+mph 40+mph 40+mph 45+mph 60+mph
    Pinion/Spur: 11/54* 17/54** 17/54** 11/54* 17/54**
    Battery: 7-Cell NiMH 7-Cell NiMH 2S LiPo 3S LiPo 3S LiPo
    Nominal Voltage: 8.4V 8.4V 7.4V 11.1V 11.1V
    mAh: 4000+ mAh 4000+ mAh 4000+ mAh 5000+ mAh 5000+ mAh
    Skill Level: 1 2 4 4 5
    Stampede 4X4 VXL (#67086-4) Chassis Overhead View
    Input Voltage:   NiMH 4-9 Cells (4.8 to 10.8 Volts DC);
    LiPo 2-3 Cells (7.4 to 11.1 Volts DC)
    Case Size:   39 mm x 55 mm x 33 mm
    Weight:   90 grams
    Motor Limit (Brushless):   No motor limit
    On Resistance Forward:   0.00075 Ohms
    On Resistance Reverse:   0.00075 Ohms
    BEC Voltage:   6.0 V
    BEC Current:   2.5A
    Power Wire:   12-Gauge Maxx® Cable
    Input Harness Wire:   26 Gauge / 100 mm
    Low Voltage Detection:   2-Stage indicators, switchable (on or off)
    Thermal Protection:   2-Stage thermal shutdown
    Profile selection:   Sport Mode:
        100% FWD, 100% BRAKES, 100% REV
    Race Mode:
        100% FWD, 100% BRAKES, NO REV
    Training Mode:*
        50% FWD, 100% BRAKES, 50% REV
    Single-Button Setup:   Yes, Traxxas EZ-Set®
    Battery Input Connector :   Traxxas High-Current Connector
    Motor Types :   Brushless
    Ports:   RX input, auxiliary fan

    67086-3 Stampede 4X4 VXL w/TSM 3qtr Front Low Blue

    MODEL 67086-4: Fully assembled, Ready-To-Race® with Traxxas Stability Management, TQi™ 2.4GHz radio system, Velineon® Brushless Power System, and ProGraphix® painted body.




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