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    ●Ultra-speed servo for instant tail control reaction. (0.05sec/60 deg).
    ●Ultra Performance Coreless Motor with fast reaction and low current.
    ●Hardened high strength superalloy gears that increase the lifetime.
    ●Aluminum alloy mid case construction for instantaneous heat dissipation, maintaining servo’s high efficiency.
    ●Supports digital & analog control signal.
    ●Powerful and precise servo, suitable for T-Rex 600/700 rudder use.


    ●Motion speed:0.06sec/60°(4.8V)
    ●Rating voltage:DC 4.8-6V
    ●Temperature range:-20°C~+60°C
    ●Dimension:40.1 x 20.1 x 37.3mm
    ●1520μs standard band


    ●Servo rudder piece x 2
    ●Set screw x 1
    ●Rubber damper x 4
    ●Brass grommet x 4
    ●Socket button head tapping screw × 4(T2.6x12mm)



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