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    X-Nova Motor - big name in RC Helicopter now joins the FPV racing world

    The Xnova motors have been known by many helicopter pilots as the powerful but very efficent motor and pure (100%) hand wound. Most of the time you land your helicopter with an Xnova motor, a sastifactory smile with its power is always there and the cool fact that you can always touch the motor with your bare hand. This simply says that you have found the favorite motor with Xnova. With the innovative technology and years of experience in producing r/c motors, Xnova has now offered the FPV racing motor line, called Super Sonic. After successfully pass many brutal tests, Xnova finally released 4 motors to the market: Super Sonic 1806-2300KV, 2204-2300KV, 2206-2000KV and 2206-2300KV. There will be more motors adding to the line in the future as tests are moving along. But for now, let get the current motors and make your competition cry like a baby after a race.

    The Xnova 2204-2300KV motor is for FPV racing quads in the size of 190/250 Vortex,Kylin, Anakin, Minion, Lumenier, ZMR250...). These motors are 100% hand wound and can accept both 3S and 4S Lipo.

    Key feature

    • High performance and finest CNC quality
    • Ultimate efficiency
    • Low cogging torque and smooth running
    • Precise balanced and fully tested
    • 100% hand wound


      Motor Type RM 2204-2300kv

      No-load current (@10V)1.0A

      Weight (not including 60mm wires) 29g

      Li-Po cells 3-4s

      Resistance (including 60mm wires) 0.070Ω



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