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    This is the Coverite Black Baron Sealing Iron used to apply fabric or film
    onto model airplane kits. It has a One Year Warranty.

    FEATURES: Uses 110V AC power source and reaches between 150° to 475°F.
    165 Watts of power
    Advanced wing design: the specially-designed "wings" allow easy
    bonding of covering, even on convex corners such as fillets and
    tail joints.
    Thermostatically controlled; just dial thermostat to desired
    setting to maintain even and constant heat. Thermostat features
    ON/OFF switch.
    Non-stick coating ensures long-life use and allows iron to glide
    over covering material without scratching.
    One piece formed steel handle and shoe jointing plate that will
    never separate.
    Lightweight (11oz.)and can be used for all heat sealing applications.
    Comfortable wooden handle to relieve stress on your hands.

    INCLUDES: One Coverite Black Baron Sealing Iron w/Stand and 5-1/2' AC Cord.

    SPECS: Input Voltage: 110V AC US Standard

    COMMENTS: The replacement shoe for this iron is COVR2555.
    The Hot Sock to use is TOPR2175.


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