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                    These are the Dubro Park Flyer Snow Skis.                     
    FEATURES: Molded black plastic.                                                
              Lightweight with spring action.                                      
    INCLUDES: Two skis                                                             
              Two springs                                                          
              Four 1/16" wheel collars                                             
              Two #2x1/8" set screws                                               
              Two #4x1/2" cap head screws                                          
    REQUIRES: Drilling, mounting, and 3/32" allen wrench (can use GPMR8002)        
    SPECS:    Length: 178 mm   (7")                                                
              Width:  54 mm    (2.125")                                            
              Height: 25.4 mm  (1")                                                
              Weight: 30 grams (1.05 oz)                                           


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