825 Snowbird Skis Main Black

$37.99 CAD
$37.99 CAD
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              These are a Snowbird Main Ski (825) by Dubro.                    
FEATURES: Torsion Bar Design                                                   
          Easily mounts on airplanes with Dural or Wire Landing                
            Gear in about an hour                                              
          High density Black Polyethelene                                      
          Pre-Molded Runners                                                   
          Ideal for .60 Size Airplanes                                         
INCLUDES: Two Skis                                                             
          Two Torsion Wires                                                    
          Two Torsion Wire Mounts                                              
          Two Pieces of Heat Shrink                                            
          Four 4-40x3/8" bolt                                                  
          Four #4 lock washers                                                 
          Eight Torsion Bar Nylon Mounting Blocks                              
          Eight 2-56x1/2" Bolts                                                
          Eight #2 Lock Nuts                                                   
REQUIRES: Mounting Hardware and tools                                          
SPECS:    Length:          228.6 mm (9")                                       
          Width:           63.5 mm  (2.5")                                     
          Wire Diameter:   3.2 mm   (0.125")