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                     These are RPM A-Arms for the HPI Savage                       
                             and the HPI Savage X.                                 
    FEATURES: Molded in tough, custom blended nylons                               
              Designed to be virtually indestructible as well as lighter than the  
               stock arms. RPM guarantees their arms to be unbreakable             
              Blue in color                                                        
    INCLUDES: One left front or right rear lower arm                               
              One 0-degree camber upper arm                                        
              One -2 degree camber upper arm                                       
              Two RPM Logo decals                                                  
              One information sheet                                                
    REQUIRES: Installation onto Savage or Savage X kit per manual                  
    COMMENTS: Also available in black RPMC2012, and purple RPMC2018   


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