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     This is a pair of "Monster Clawz" 6-Spoke Blue Chrome Wheels w/Standard Offset
              from RPM Products for the Traxxas T-Maxx or E-Maxx Trucks.           
    FEATURES: Chromed blue, three sets of two, straight 6-spoke design             
              Used for front or rear of the T-Maxx or E-Maxx trucks                
              Made of nylon material                                               
              Reinforced for strength and minimal weight                           
              Chrome is not in tire mounting area to simplify tire glueing         
              Fits 3.2" truck tires                                                
    INCLUDES: Two "Monster Clawz" 6-Spoke Blue Chrome Wheels w/Standard Offset     
              One Team RPM decal                                                   
    REQUIRES: 3.2" (81mm) size truck tires                                         
              CA Glue, use GPMR6001.                                               
    SPECS:    Diameter: 3.2" (81mm)                                                
              Width:    2.2" (56mm)                                                
              This wheel fits onto a 14mm drive washer.                            
    COMMENTS: See Substitutes for other colors that are available.   


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