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    ESC Cage for the Castle Mamba X ESC

    Fits the Traxxas Slash 2wd, Slash 2wd LCG, Slash 4x4, Slash 4x4LCG, Stampede 4x4 & Rally

    Also fits the Stampede 2wd, Rustler & Bandit

    Our ESC Cage for the Castle Mamba X ESC provides a solid, positivemount to keep your new, and valuable ESC in place even under themost extreme circumstances. It also allows the ESC to be run withor without a fan. It encases the ESC body only, leaving the entireESC fan free to do its job. Furthermore, we left air channels alongboth sides of the ESC to allow air movement along the sides of thecase, helping to keep the ESC cool.

    Each ESC Cage is designed to simplify ESC installationand maintenance of the vehicle. Two screws hold the entire assemblyto the chassis, that's it! No more struggling with gooey double-sidedtape to remove the ESC to clean your vehicle or transfer the electronicsto another car. It's so easy that you can transfer the entire assemblyfrom one vehicle to the next in about a minute! The two mountingscrews can actually be accessed without removing the top from thebase making this one of the easiest ESC Cages we manufacture to removeand install.

    We include a separate, encased on / off switch mount that bolts directlyto our cage in one of four locations / orientations for extreme versatility.Since the switch attaches to the cage, no extra time is needed toremove it during maintenance or if you decide to swap the ESC betweenvehicles.

    Our ESC Cage for the Castle Mamba X ESC fits in the stock locationon the Traxxas Slash 2wd, Slash 2wd LCG, Slash 4x4, Slash 4x4 LCG,Stampede 4x4 & Rally, while also working on other Traxxas 1/10thscale vehicles as well (see "Tech Notes" below).

    Each RPM ESC Cage is manufactured from our ridiculouslytough blend of engineering grade nylons and backed by our limitedlifetime warranty against breakage. Don't trust your investment todouble-sided tape or zip ties. One fail and your ESC will eject likea bullet from a gun! Trust a name you've known for decades for bulletproofprotection - RPM!

    Tech Notes: The RPM ESC Cage for the Mamba X series ESCs workswith #010-0155-00, #010-0155-01, #010-0155-02, #010-0155-03, #010-0155-04,#010-0160-00, #010-0160-01, #010-0161-00 & #010-0161-01. Whileour ESC Cage will fit a variety of applications, they have been testedand guaranteed to fit the following Traxxas vehicles in stock formonly -- Stampede 4x4, Slash 4x4, Slash 4x4 LCG, Slash 2wd, Slash2wd LCG, & Rally. Also fits the following vehicles as long asTraxxas #3725 Mounting Plate (stock item on VXL models) is used --Rustler, Stampede 2wd & Bandit.



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