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                 This is a motor mount drilled and tapped to fit the               
                 O.S. FS48, FS52 Surpass engines, and the Magnum XL 52.            
      Includes all hardware necessary for mounting the engine to a firewall and to 
    mount the engine to the mount. There is no hole predrilled for a nose gear.    
         Four engine mounting screws (to secure the engine to the mount)           
         Four lock washers (for the engine mounting screws)                        
         Four blind nuts (they fit into the firewall)                              
         Four motor mount screws (to secure the mount to the firewall)             
         One  L-wrench for the screws                                              
          Type of Material: All Aluminum mount with Steel screws and washers       
          Type of Mount: Beam style mount with a square shaped back                
          Width: 42mm (1.65")                                                      
          Height: 42mm (1.65")       


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