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    This is the Motor Mount for use on the O.S. FS-91 Surpass II and       
                               the 110FS-a Engines.                                
    FEATURES: Aluminum construction                                                
              Silver in color                                                      
    INCLUDES: One Motor Mount                                                      
              Four Blind Nuts                                                      
              Eight Spring Washers                                                 
              Four 3.4x16mm Cap Head Screws                                        
              Four 5x25mm Cap Head Screws                                          
    REQUIRES: Installation on firewall                                             
    SPECS:    Length: 85mm (3.3")                                                  
              Width: 65mm (2.6")                                                   
              Height: 65mm (2.6")                                                  
              Distance Between Mounting Hole Centers Same Side: 1.01" (25.8mm)     
              Distance Between Mounting Hole Centers Opposite Side: 2.1" (52mm)  


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