70642 Front Shock Hoops/Body Mounts SCX10

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$22.99 CAD
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        These are the optional RPM Front Shock Hoops and Body Mounts           
                            for the Axial SCX10.                               
              **Fits stock Axial #AX30502 frame rails only.**                  
FEATURES: Molded from engineering grade nylons                                 
          Shock Hoops use a unique frame mount that wraps above and below      
            frame rails to reduce amount of impact transferred to mounting     
            screw threads                                                      
          C-clamp style mounts improve rigidity of the shock mount for more    
            precise suspension setups                                          
          Body posts bolt to RPM shock hoops using two screws to eliminate     
INCLUDES: Two Front Shock Hoops                                                
          Two Body Posts                                                       
          Two M2.5x x12mm Screws                                               
          Instruction Sheet                                                    
COMMENTS: RPM Shock Hoops will not work with stock Axial body posts. Included  
            body posts must be used.                                           
                                                                   jxs 06/09/15
BOX DIMENSIONS:    3.13" W. X    .63" H. X   4.38" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .05 LBS.