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            These are the Hot Bodies Rodeoo Front Tires in Blue Compound           
                            for use on the HPI Baja 5B.                            
    FEATURES: Fits front of the HPI Baja 5B                                        
              Good for use on a wide variety of surfaces but best suited for track 
    INCLUDES: Two RODEOO HPI 5B Front Tires Blue                                   
    REQUIRES: Installation on the vehicle                                          
              Foam inserts                                                         
              Tire Glue (DTXR2000 - Thin)                                          
                        (DTXR2002 - Medium)                                        
    SPECS:    Outer Diameter: 190mm (7.48")                                        
              Inner Diameter: 116mm (4.57")                                        
              Width: 64mm (2.52")         


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