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     This is a Glow Plug Starter used on the Glow Plug when Starting a Glow Engine.
      This KWIK START has an extended length shaft for hard to reach glow plugs.   
    FEATURES: Shaft length of 3" for hard to reach glow plugs.                     
              Charger has a red LED light that indicates charging mode.            
              Pre-installed battery is rechargable hundreds of times.              
              Red rubber cap for ignitor to prevent shorting.                      
    INCLUDES: One KWIK-START Ignitor with pre-sealed Sanyo 1300SC 1.2V battery     
              One Charger                                                          
              One FREE Kwik-Mount Storage Klip                                     
    SPECS:    Input Voltage: 110V AC (US Standard)                                 
              Charge Rate: 1.5V, 125mAh                                            
              Shaft Length: 3"                                                     
              Overall Length: 5-1/2"                                               


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