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    Replace your Wire Landing Gear Struts with Units that Duplicate the       
              Shock Absorbing Action of Landing Gear on a Real Aircraft.           
    FEATURES: Aircraft Grade Chrome-Moly Steel and Heat Treated Axle.              
              Straight Robostruts have No Offset so Any Size Wheel Will Fit        
              These Give a Scale-Like Appearance to your Airplane.                 
              Shock absorbing action smooths out bumps and hard landings.          
              These mount to your existing retracts or fixed landing gear.         
    INCLUDES: One Straight Robostrut                                               
              One 5/32" Mounting Adapter                                           
              One 3/16" Mounting Adapter                                           
              One 3/16" Axle w/E-Clip                                              
              One Axle Set Screw                                                   
              One Instruction Sheet                                                
    SPECS:    Weight: 1.3 ounce                                                    
              Used for 4-12 pound Airplanes (12 lbs. MAXIMUM per Robart)           
              Diameter: 3/8"                                                       
              Overall Length: 6-1/2"                              


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