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    This is a pair of 8x32 to 17mm Zero Offset Aluminum Hex Adapters. Do you want to narrow up the offset of your 3.8" Raid 8x32 Removable Hex Wheels while also upgrading to super-strong aluminum instead of plastic? Then you came to the right place! This pack contains a pair of 17mm Zero offset Hexes made from clear anodized Aluminum for your 8x32 3.8" wheels. Zero Offset wheel hexes can be great on your E-REVO 2.0 or Kraton when running smaller or narrower 3.8" tires. If you love to put a massive amount of power down and are always stripping your plastic hexes, then you need the durability that Aluminum Hexes provide. These Aluminum Hex Adapters are proudly Made in the USA and also make your wheels look incredibly impressive. Get your 8x32 to 17mm Zero Offset Aluminum Hex Adapters today!


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