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    This is a 160 piece Heat Shrink Tubing Kit from Novak.             
    FEATURES: Protects and insulates solder connections                            
              All sections are 4" (102mm) long, black in color, and may be easily  
                cut to desired length                                              
              Will not cold flow, melt, or split when used over sharp or irregular 
                solder connections                                                 
              RoHS compliant                                                       
              UL & CUL certified at 600V @ 257F° (125°C)                           
              Plastic reusable container with a snap closure and six compartments  
    REQUIRES: Heat shrinking at 194 - 248°F (90 - 120°C)                           
    INCLUDES: Sixty 1/16" diameter Tubing Sections                                 
              Thirty Five 3/32" diameter Tubing Sections                           
              Twenty Five 1/8" diameter Tubing Sections                            
              Twenty 3/16" diameter Tubing Sections                                
              Ten 1/4" diameter Tubing Sections                                    
              Ten 3/8" diameter Tubing Sections                                    
              Plastic Case                                                         


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