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    This is a package of Pro Rosin Solder Flux
    and 15g tube of Silver Solder from Novak.
    FEATURES: Developed for use with Novak 3% Silver Solder, and other high
    temperature lead-free solder for the highest quality solder joints
    for optimum efficiency and low resistance
    Fast wicking for quick solder joints with lead-free solder
    Easy to apply dropper tip
    Solder specially formulated for hand soldering
    Solder stored inside a clear plastic tube to prevent unrolling with
    an opening at the top for easy access
    Safe for the environment
    Contains 3% silver for high-conductivity, low-resistance and strong
    solder joints at a relatively low melting point
    Meets RoHS compliance standards
    120 day limited warranty beginning at date of purchase
    INCLUDES: 0.34oz (10ml) botle of Novak Pro Rosin Solder Flux, NOVC5861
    0.53oz (15g) tube of Silver Solder, NOVR5832



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