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       This is the Midwest .070" Diameter 40" Carbon Fiber Rod.            
    FEATURES: Ideal for lightweight construction of framework, pushrods and wing   
                reinforcement in R/C aircraft                                      
              High fiber to resin ratio for added stiffness                        
              40% lighter than aluminum                                            
    INCLUDES: One Midwest .070" Diameter 40" Carbon Fiber Rod                      
    REQUIRES: 2-56 threaded couplers GPMQ3831, and CA glue GPMR6001 depending on   
    SPECS:    Length:  40"  (1016mm)                                               
              Diameter:  .070" (1.8mm)                                             
              Weight: 0.0032oz (.091g) per inch                                    
    COMMENTS: When cutting carbon fiber, avoid side cutters as these can crush the 
                rods and separate fibers. Always wear safety goggles and gloves    
                when cutting or sanding carbon fiber.                        


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