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     This is a Hardware package for Hi-Tec Micro Servos.             
    FEATURES: Plastic, rubber, and brass construction.                             
    INCLUDES: Two black T-shaped servo mounts.                                     
              Two black rubber dampners                                            
              Two brass eyelets.                                                   
              Two servo mounting screws (phillips head)                            
              One white straight horn.                                             
              One white servo wheel.                                               
              One white cross horn.                                                
    REQUIRES: Assembly on servo.                                                   
    SPECS:    Length of straight arm: 29.0mm (1.14")                               
              Overall length of cross arm: 23.0mm (.91")                           
              Diameter of wheel: 17.0mm  (.67")                                    
              Inside diameter of spline: 6.0mm (.24")                              
    COMMENTS: This will work with any Hi-Tec servo with the proper spline.         


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