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    This is the 2.4GHz radio controlled, glow powered, 1/10 scale, Ready-To-Run
    Traxxas Jato 3.3 Stadium Truck with Bluetooth Connectivity.
    **Does not include Docking Base**
    New features different from the 2.5 Jato include;
    3.3 Racing Engine
    Resonator Blue Anodized Aluminum Tuned Pipe
    2.8" (71mm) wide Anaconda Performance Tires
    Front & Rear Sway Bars for Increased Stability
    FEATURES: Chassis: 1.16" (3mm) thick 6061 T6 aluminum, Blue-anodized, fully
    countersunk with buggy style mud guards, and choice of
    receiver pack placement-between the engine and fuel tank
    or in the rear compartment
    Drive Type: Two wheel with Universal joint axles with dust boots
    operate at the most extreme deflection angles to allow for the most
    suspension travel
    Engine: Traxxas .20 cu in (3.3cc) racing engine w/Slide Valve Carb,
    12mm diameter IPS crankshaft, foam air filter, Blue anodized
    aluminum tuned pipe, extra glow plug, EZ-Start push-button
    electric starter with battery and 2A DC peak detecting charger,
    60% more peak horsepower than the TRX 2.5 engine
    Radio: Traxxas TQi 2.4GHz high output with Traxxas Link automatic
    model recognition, Bluetooth connectivity, 5 channel receiver with
    telemetry ports, factory installed RPM, speed, temperature, voltage
    and telemetry sensors, failsafe and wireless module is included
    and enables model to be tuned from an iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S, or
    iPod Touch 2nd/3rd/4th generation (Traxxas Link App must be
    be downloaded if wanting to use an iPhone or iPod Touch).
    Intuitive, high definition graphical user interface featuring
    Real-Time Telemetry, Customizable Dashboards, Steering/Throttle
    Expo, Steering/Braking Dual Rate, Servo Reversing, Endpoint
    Adjustment, Profile Customization and Sharing
    **Docking Base not included**
    Shocks: Four oil filled precision GTR Revo-style with threaded
    composite shock bodies
    Wheels: 2.85" (72.4) diameter 1.89" (48mm) wide Chrome finish
    Ball Bearings: Full set, rubber sealed
    Tires: Pre-glued Anaconda with horizontal bead design 3.93"
    (100mm) diameter, 2.8" (71mm) wide
    Body: Pre-painted Lexan racing truck style with decals applied,
    available in Black with 4 striping color schemes depending on
    radio channel choice, see COMMENTS
    Gearbox: Sealed Revo-style silicone filled, with heavy-duty slipper
    clutch constructed of semi-metallic friction material and finned
    aluminum alloy pressure plates, spur gears can be removed and
    replaced without altering slipper adjustment
    Brake: Semi-metallic brake disc with steel pads eliminate fade caused
    by heat buildup
    Transmission: Internal, adjustable 2-speed with Torque Control
    slipper clutch
    Gear Differential: Sealed, limited slip, fully tunable with silicone
    shock oils
    Steering: Angled steering bellcranks for zero bump steer
    Clutch: 2-shoe
    Suspension: Fully adjustable including roll centers, anti-squat
    and rear toe, ride height and weight bias also features 30° caster
    blocks with 25° option and captured, hardened-steel hingepins and
    captured double sheer rod ends
    Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front
    suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the
    Camber: Adjustable, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the
    tires from vertical when when viewed from front or behind vehicle
    Fuel Tank: 2.5oz (75cc) flip top with remote fingertip pull
    INCLUDES: One pre-built Jato 3.3 truck, pre-painted Lexan body, owner's manual,
    registration card, EZ Start handheld unit with battery and 2A
    charger, extra air filter and oil, tool set, wheelie bar, DVD
    operator's guide, 2-channel TQi 2.4GHz radio with Bluetooth
    Connectivity, antenna tube and mount, extra glow plug, tools and
    fuel bottle
    REQUIRES: Fuel: Car blend with 10-20% nitro content
    Batteries: 8 AA four for transmitter and four for receiver
    Building and field equipment
    SPECS: Vehicle-
    Length: 16.53" (420mm)
    Width: 12.87" (327mm) at front wheels
    Height: 5.70" (145mm)
    Wheelbase: Long, 11.22" (285) Short, 11.14" (283mm)
    Tread-Front: 10.6" (270mm)
    Rear: 10.6" (270mm) wheels on-center side-to-side
    Track-Front: 12.87" (327mm)
    Rear: 13" (330mm)
    Weight: 4.72lb (75.6oz) RTR, without fuel
    Front Tires: Victory ribbed and spiked 3.93" (100mm) diameter
    Rear Tires: Victory spiked 3.93" (100mm)
    Wheels: 2.85" (72.4mm) diameter
    Total Gear Reduction: 11.73:1 (1st), 8.75:1 (2nd)
    COMMENTS: Available in the following body colors;
    Blue TRAD70BB Red/Yellow, TRAD70RY
    Red, TRAD70RR Yellow, TRAD70YY
    For replacement bearings order:
    Qty. Size Location Qty Bearing Set
    4 5x11mm F.wheels 2 DTXC1553
    2 5x11mm R.wheels 1 DTXC1553
    2 10x15mm R.wheels 1 DTXC1595
    5 5x11mm Transmission 3 DTXC1553
    3 10x15mm Transmission 2 DTXC1595
    *Optional 4 4x7mm Steering 2 DTXC1507
    *Optional 2 5x8mm Brake Bellcrank 1 DTXC1523



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