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    This is a T-Maxx Pro-Graphix Custom Body by Traxxas. This is the thin plastic body (shell) that covers the car's chassis and provides the "shape" of the car. FEATURES: Replaces cracked or damaged bodies Body is made from clear lexan plastic same as TRAC4911 but graphics are painted. Body has painted graphics, and is pre-trimmed, decals have been pre-applied. Graphics are blue-green fading to streaks of yellow, silver, orange and black Flames are outlined in black to contrast well with whatever color the customer wants to paint the body. INCLUDES: One Pro-Graphix T-Maxx body. One Window masking sheet with Head and Tailights. One instruction sheet REQUIRES: Nothing, body is clear so if you wanted it painted you must paint it yourself. SPECS: Length: 18" (457mm) Width: 6.5" (165mm) Height: 5" (127mm)


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