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       This is the HiTEC Multiplex Universal Balance Board               
                    For chargers with 6S Hyperion/Polyquest ports                  
    FEATURES: This balance board has balance plug sockets for JST-EH, JST-XH,      
                 Thunder Power/Flight Power, and Hyperion/Polyquest balance plugs  
                 on 3S, 4S, 5S, or 6S batteries. There are also 2S sockets for     
                 JST-EH, JST-XH, and Tamiya LiFe balance plugs.                    
    INCLUDES: One balance board                                                    
              One seven-wire charger cable                                         
    SPECS:    Length:       119mm (4-3/4")                                         
              Width:        53mm  (2-1/8")                                         
              Height:       15mm  (9/16")                                          
              Cable length: 7"    (178mm)                                          
    COMMENTS: The 3S Thunder Power/FlightPower socket works for both 2S and 3S     
              The charger cable has a Hyperion/Polyquest 6S plug both ends.    


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