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    Key Features

    • Perfect for groundstations
    • Easy to bend cable to position exactly how you need it
    • Beam width: 75 degrees
    • Gain: 7db
    • Frequency range: 5600-5980Mhz
    • Polarization: Right Hand Circularly Polarized (RHCP)
    • Weight: 100g


    • 5.8Ghz RHCP antenna with straight SMA male connector (1)
    • Straight RP-SMA adapter for use with RP-SMA systems (1)
    • 3D printed finger wrenches (2)


    Helical antennas have been used for years as space satellite communication antennas. These antennas are suitable for moderate and long range and relatively high directivity. These helical antennas from "IBCrazy" are right hand circularly polarized (RHCP) with exceptional axial ratio and multipath rejection. Couple these antennas with a Cloverleaf, Mad Mushroom, or Skew Planar wheel antenna for best performance. 



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