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    This is the Replacement Muffler for the OS BGX-1 3500                  
                      and the OS Max 1.60 FX Engines.                              
    FEATURES: Muffler has an internal mute which cuts down on noise output.        
              3-piece muffler is held together by an extremely long bolt.          
              Comes with a pressure fitting installed.                             
              Manifold and the end of the muffler have cooling fins molded in to   
                help dissipate the heat as it enters the muffler.                  
              The end of the muffler has an adjustable exhaust opening which can   
                be rotated 360 degrees.                                            
    INCLUDES: One muffler (assembled)                                              
              One muffler adaptor (3/8" thick, OSMG5685)                           
              Four mounting screws                                                 
    REQUIRES: 4mm allen wrench to install the screws.                            _ 
    SPECS:    Exhaust opening at the end of the muffler: 5/8" diameter             
              Exhaust manifold of the muffler: 1-1/4" long                         
              Length of the muffler: 9" approx.                                    
              Diameter of the muffler expansion chamber: 2"                        
              For replacement muffler mounting screws, use OSMG6931.     


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