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     This is a Replacement Cloth Sock for the 21st Century Sealing Iron (COVR2700).
    This sock slips over the iron shoe and is tied tightly around the handle for a 
    smooth clean surface.                                                          
    FEATURES: Made of Cotton to Prevent Scratching of the Covering.                
              Prevents Color and Adhesive Build-Up on the Shoe.                    
              Fits Snugly Over the Shoe of the Sealing Iron.                       
    INCLUDES: One 21st Century Sealing Iron Cover Sock.                            
    COMMENTS: This Sock can be used with other Sealing Irons on the market.        
                                                                        JAL 9/16/98
    BOX DIMENSIONS:    2.75" W. X    .25" H. X   5.00" L.
    BOX WEIGHT:     .01 LBS.




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