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    19016 1/35 Titanic's Lifeboat

    This is the 1:35 Scale Titanic's Lifeboat from Latina
    The Sinking of the RMS Titanic, a British Ship owned by the White Star
    Line in April 1912, on her maiden voyage to New York was memorably worse
    for the shortage of lifeboats, RMS Titanic sailed to it's fate with only
    20, enough for only half the passengers. When launched from the sinking
    ship into the freezing seas the lifeboats were not full,
    worsening the tragedy still further.
    Latina rates the difficulty level at one anchor,
    recommended for beginning modelers.
    FEATURES: All-wood construction features African walnut, ramin, sapele, coral,
    plywood and boxwood
    Brass hardware such as eyebolts, deck lights, rings, and more
    Three colors of thread, brown and raw (pale green) for different
    rigging applications
    INCLUDES: One Latina 1:35 scale Titanic Lifeboat, Fittings, Planking, Stand,
    REQUIRES: Building tools, glue.
    SPECS: Scale: 1:35
    Length: 285mm (11.2")
    Height: 55mm (2.16")
    Beam: 95mm (3.74")



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