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     This is a Variable Rate Air Control Kit from Robart for Any Pnuematic Retract
    System. This Allows the modeler to Control the rate at which the Retracts go   
    Up and Down. This can be used with either a 3 gear or a 2 gear setup. This     
    Air Control Kit comes with Everything Needed to Complete Any of the Robart     
    Pneumatic Retract Setups.                                                      
    INCLUDES: One Instruction Sheet                                                
              One Variable Control Valve                                           
              Five Tee Fittings-Nylon                                              
              One Air Fill Valve                                                   
              One 5ft of Purple Tubing                                             
              One 5ft of Red Tubing                                                
              Six Retaining Nuts                                                   
              One Small Air Vessel (Tank)                                          
    SPECS:    Air Control Valve Length: 2"                                         
                                 Width: 1/2"                                       
              Air Vessel Length: 6 1/2"                                            
                       Diameter: 1-3/4"                                            
    REQUIRES: Pressure gauge,  ROBQ0173                                            
    COMMENTS: Again this kit will work with any manufacturer's pneumatic retract   


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