This is the 1/50 scale Scottish Maid Model Kit from
Artesania Latina.
Two anchor (medium) difficulty rating.
FEATURES: Brass nails and metal deck fittings
Various types of wood for authentic appearance
Different weight and color thread for rigging
Precut and sewn cloth sails for authentic appearance
INCLUDES: 1/50 scale Scottish Maid Model Kit with all planking
for hull, cabins, deck and deck fittings, brass and metal deck and
hull fittings, pre-sewn cloth sails, flag, and instruction manual
REQUIRES: Batten bender, heat source, shoemaker's glue, white glue, CA glue,
varnish, putty, stain, paint, tools, and assortment of sandpaper
SPECS: Length: 26.4" (670mm)
Height: 18.1" (460mm)
Beam (Width): 9.4" (240mm)
Scale: 1/50



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