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       This is a Miter Sander, Precision Sanding Tool from Fourmost.        
          The Miter Sander allows the craftsman to sand very accurate angles.      
          Perfect for truss construction, any angle and its complement can be      
                 sanded easily and accurately using the Miter Sander.              
    FEATURES: Constructed of durable hardwood and glass filled nylon.              
              Sanding block comes with two different grits of replaceable sandpaper
              Black plastic adjustable fence swings through an arc of precise      
                degree marks (this allows the modeler to make accurate repeatable  
                angles for tight fits on mitered corners)                          
              Miter Sander is an excellent tool for many hobby requirements of:    
                Model Airplane & Ship Parts, Model Railroad/Train Layouts,         
                Miniatures/Doll Houses                                             
    INCLUDES: One Miter Sander, Precision Sanding Tool                             
    SPECS:    Length: 7-1/8"                                                       
              Width:  5-1/4"                                                       
              Height: 1"                                                           


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