This is a Miter Saw, Precision Wood Cutting Tool from Fourmost.        
  The Miter Saw is a hardened steel razor saw that travels within a precision  
 guide allowing the craftsman to make accurate cuts in wood, plastic and metal.
  The adjustable fence swings through an arc of precise degree marks with a    
 positive stop at 90 degrees. This allows the modeler to make accurate         
 repeatable mitered corners.                                                   
FEATURES: Adjustable fence (Black plastic)                                     
          Excellent tool for many hobby requirements: Model Airplane           
            and Ship parts, Model Railroad and Train Layouts, Miniatures,      
            Furniture and Picture Frames                                       
          Razor saw has a Black plastic handle and stainless steel blade       
          The base is constructed of hardwood (natural coloring) and has       
            a red, white, and black decal with degree markings                 
INCLUDES: One Miter Saw                                                        
SPECS:    Board Length: 7-1/4"                                                 
          Board Width:  4-1/2"                                                 
          Board Height: 1"                                                     


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