This is the Parma 1/10 scale 71 Muscle Baja .040" Clear Race Car Body.     
FEATURES: Molded from clear polycarbonate plastic                              
          Fits 1/10 scale short course chassis                                 
          Ample wheel clearance for high or low mounting                       
          Also fits rally car chassis with front body mount modifications      
INCLUDES: 71 Muscle Baja Body                                                  
          Window Paint Masks, Decals and Body Mask                             
REQUIRES: Body Scissors and Reamer                                             
          Polycarbonate safe spray or brush-on paint                           
SPECS:    Length: 21.5" (546mm)                                                
          Width:  11.6" (294mm)                                                
          Height:  4.2" (106mm)                                                
          Thickness: .040" (1mm)                                               
COMMENTS: May require adjusting body mount posts on truck, or adding slightly  
            longer body posts.   


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