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      This is a pair of Pro-Line Masher M2 3.8" All Terrain Front or Rear Tires    
             mounted to Black Desperado 1/2" Offset Monster Truck Wheels.          
    FEATURES: Fits monster trucks with 17mm hexes                                  
              Chevron style tread for good traction on rough terrain               
              Side tread has a hook design that craters the dirt for excellent     
                side traction                                                      
              M2 (soft) compound                                                   
              Nylon construction six spoke wheel with molded-in beadlock ring      
              Wheel is offset 1/2" (12.7mm) for Traxxas Summit vehicles and those  
                that want a wider offset                                           
    INCLUDES: Two Masher M2 3.8" Tires with Foam Inserts and Black Desperado Wheels
    SPECS:    Diameter: 6.60" (168mm)                                              
              Width:    3.75" (95mm)                                               
              Hex Size: 17mm                                                       


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